Is it such a big change?

It’s not so much of it being a big change. Thirty looks different from everyone, but I feel like society puts a big pressure on us to have life together by 30. I started my twenties with a bay and ended with four kids. I DID NOT by any means have it all together. I can say though for me, it has been quite enlightening. I have learned more about myself in two years then I have in all thirty one years combined. If I view my life plan should have bought a house by now and only have two kids. So, can we say life does not go as planned.

Major Health Run Ins

So up until the last couple years I knew I needed to be thoroughly examined for health issues. In 2020, I started making sure I had blood test ran and different health questions answered. It led me to thyroid issues, vitamin defencies, facing anxiety, and dealing with this rapid weight gain…..oh but there is more. I first had to deal with my ferritin levels because they were pretty much depleted. This vitamin alone aids in dealing with anxiety and I thought this was the all in all to my issues. Wrong! Growing up I could never keep up with anything, keep any space clean, and I couldn’t pay attention without at some point daydreaming. So these problems never went away. I feel like have only got worse as I got older and had kids. They added to the messiness and I couldn’t keep up with there mess and mine.

Not My Actual Brain

What was going on?

So, I went to therapy! Yay for outside help because I needed it. Especially after 2020 and how it kicked my behind. More on that later! Upon further investigation they gave me an ADHD diagnosis. I’m sitting there like, Why y’all lying to me like this? But they weren’t….and a part of me knew they weren’t because of my history. ADHD can be genetic, but trauma and maternal drugs play a part in that also. I have suffered years because of my negligence of what ADHD was. I wasn’t hyper so I felt like it couldn’t happen to me. Also, you are told it is more of a male issue. Nope! women with ADHD are out here also!

My Symptoms

I am told so far that ADHD is on a scale also. So, I may not show signs here but I do on the other end. Like I said before, I did not have the hyper side. My situation was more in the attention side of things. So here is a list of things that I do that led them to this diagnosis.

  1. Disorganization
  2. Inability to organize things and thoughts
  3. Ignoring difficult task
  4. Lack of social skills
  5. Anxiety
  6. Forgetfulness
  7. Inability to manage stress
  8. cluttered mind
  9. lack of concentration
  10. poor time management

What does all that mean?

Apparently, the chemicals in people with ADHD don’t connect with the other neurons properly. That is not proper term for the process. It is not the same for everyone and the level of severity differs from person to person. So in short, the brain is not passing the dopamine chemical like it should. That hinders the motivation and just do it attitude we sometimes need to get something done. Yet, if it is something we are really into or enjoy doing we will hyper-focus on it. Meds, therapy, and skills training can help navigate through this. So if you feel like something maybe going on just ask and het the help you deserve.