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I am to grown for this!

No seriously! I love me a good Target jewelry sale. I like jewelry in general and how it can really tie an outfit together. My kids play sports, we travel often, and I sweat in the heat. That leaves me with tarnished jewelry. Which sucks to me because of the fact that I have pretty jewelry that started gold and is now brown upsets me. I knew it was time to get some tarnish free jewelry that doesn’t break the bank. Truthfully, I have four kids, and they are not cheap. Sports, clothes, and shoes take up a good bit of my coin. Bills don’t leave much room for thrills! No, but seriously…..

The Solution

I did a google search for tarnish free jewelry. I had some come up and others that didn’t look like the quality matches the price tag. I know I am saving coin, but I did want the jewelry to have quality. I found some shops that I thought delivered on this. I mean, the variety that they had in stock was pretty impressive also. I tried these places so you didn’t have to. These that I am going to share with you have made the cut. I will be trying more because I like jewelry and I don’t have a big collection of the tarnish free items.

Slide Jewelry

So this one is a fav of mine. I have quite a few pieces from them and the have definitely gotten the job done. I have worn them in the shower, sweating in the sun, and swimming. They have not turned yet and I love that so much. No, I don’t recommend you do these things with your jewelry on. How my life is set up though, in the spare of the moment I forget to take the jewelry off. That’s why my other jewelry tarnished. Taking care of your jewelry is the best way to keep it up. I don’t recommend doing any of the above mentioned things in your jewelry, I had to tell you how it held up for me.

Interpret Collective

Okay! So I found this brand via Instagram and man do they ship fast. The customer service is exquisite and I received two free scrunchies with my order. Unexpected, but I love me a good surprise. I got the exact earrings pictured above. I do wear these almost everyday and love the quality of the earrings. I mean they are the perfect size and they are not to heavy. They carry a tad bit of weight but they are not pulling down your earlobes. Again, I can definitely feel they are quality pieces. These have went through the same test as the other ones, and they have also not tarnished a tad bit. I am so excited about these tarnish free pieces. This sight does offer a section for jewelry for under $30. Christmas presents anyone?

Electric Picks

The variety this place has is remarkable, My wish list is crazy long and I hope to get everyone for Christmas…..maybe, right? Out of all of the places I have mentioned thus far, she is coming in at the top of the price list. Though it is not crazy expensive we have seen smaller margins in the other two. Again the variety is massive and they guarantee their pieces for life.