I am going to start with the space in my house that I know needs the most work and that is my kitchen. We use it everyday so the more together it is the more together I feel. When I think of organized, I feel like the drawers and refrigerators are top. Then the pantry comes into a very close second. Our pantry right now is tiny but could still use some TLC.


Lifewit 8pcs Refrigerator Organizer Bins, Clear Organizing Bins for Fridge Storage. These bins look like the ultimate frig organization pieces. It comes with 8 bins for easy organization. Of course, the acrylic look for easy to find situations. Plus, they can hold fruit, drinks, pouches, and even jars.

Next we have Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins with Lids. So I was really hype about finding these because with produce I feel like a lid would help with the longevity of it. I could be wrong but just my thoughts. This come with 7 stackable containers and they all have lids. I like the stack feature because it then has more space for other containers. With organizing I feel like it has a lot to do with maximizing your space. These will definitely help achieve that.


So next will have to be my drawers. I am so shamed of how unorganized my drawers are. Like almost every drawer looks like a junk drawer and I am not feeling it at all. I have noticed also, when you can’t find the things you need, it starts your day off shaky.

Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer for Utensils Holder, this is one that we have probably seen ample times but I think its particle and necessary. Guys. having your utensils look put together makes me happy internally. The little plastic ones that come with cutlery kits are to small and don’t hold much of anything past the 10 piece kit. (You know the sets you get on sale don’t have that many pieces). I’m definitely getting this one ASAP!

Utoplike 4 Pack Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers are going to be for my big spoons and utensils that can’t fit in my utensil drawer. I like this because it allows you to separate and design the drawer that works best for you. I will need this one for two of my drawers because of the size of them. I am purchasing this the same day I purchase my utensil one because I love to complete each section completely before moving on to the next one. Makes me feel accomplished, which also is a confidence booster.

PlayX99 Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer is my next must have. You are probably looking at me like girl bye, but let me explain. I have kids so I feel this could help with their independents that we are trying to teach them. When fixing lunch for school, they will know which bag is used for what and make it easier to pack certain things on their own. It’s a lesson to be learned in every part of the house right? Seriously though it also fits the aesthetic that I am going for so don’t judge me people.

Those are the first few things I am looking to get. I went into my kitchen after writing this post looked into the Tupperware cabinet and realized that my work has only just begun. Say a prayer for me please!

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